"Sometimes The Things We Hate The Most Turns Out To Be The Things We Love The Most."

When it comes to writing or talking about myself, I always find it hard to do. I get stuck between saying too much or saying too little. It’s a mystery that I have yet to crack. However, since this is my story I am the only one who can tell it. Writing has been my passion since college. Ironically I always hated it back in high school because of how hard I thought it was. My passion or, so I thought was to become a Registered Nurse. I received my Associate’s in Arts degree in Nursing and enrolled at Saint Thomas University to get my Bachelor’s. However, after being in the Nursing program for about 3+ months, I concluded that Nursing was not something I was truly called to do and I changed my degree. I decided on an English degree since I had a passion for writing, but sadly I didn’t finish due to personal reasons. However, since I had experience with blogging, I decided to put school on pause and use my passion to create a personal blog. In 2015 I created my very first blog, after giving birth to my oldest daughter and from there I’ve been writing ever since. I didn’t, however, begin taking my writing seriously until 2019. By that time I was working on my fourth or fifth blog. I was very inconsistent due to my own lack of motivation and fear of failing. However, I never gave up the thought of creating an outlet for me to share everything I was passionate about. July 19, 2019, is when BriaAlbertCo was born. BriaAlbertCo is my brand and represents all things motherhood and lifestyle. I love sharing my struggles as a mother, as well as offering advice about being a SAHM. I also discuss self-care, beauty topics, life advice, and so much more. BRIAALBERTCO is my way of keeping it real about everything life has to offer, that includes my everyday real life struggles, downfalls, success, and so much more! 



Here are some facts about myself

I am a mother of five

I married my high school sweetheart, and we are currently celebrating 13 years together!

I’ve made probably 8 or so blogs over the last five years (this is the longest blog I’ve had!)

I love crime, drama, action, and superhero tv shows and movies.

My favorite movie is Baby Boy (if you know you know!)

Find out more by watching the video below! 

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