My Top Five Luxury, Feminine, Grown & Sexy Perfume, 2022

Your never fully dressed without perfume

If you are a perfume lover like myself, then you’ll fall in love with these smell good perfumes. I’ve been collecting perfume since 2011 (thanks to my husband) and now I have quite an addiction. My first perfume(well knock off perfume) was the Ed Hardy Perfume. I use to buy it from Rainbows, a famous and affordable clothing store for women. When I met my
Husband I use to wear the perfume all the time and he was not a fan, LOL! He told me it smelled cheap and watered down. Needless to say, my feelings was hurt, but I still wore it because I was in love with the scent, even though it wasn’t the actual scent of the real Ed Hardy Perfume. I had never owned any real perfume before, so I wasn’t familiar with the scent. However, after my husband graduated high school he got a job at Macys where he bought me the real Ed Hardy Perfume. He also begin buying me a ton of other high end and
designer perfumes and over the years I’ve been able to build quite a collection by way of my husband. If I had to count how many perfumes I’ve have over the years, I’d be counting into a new year, LOL! But despite, my obsession with perfume, I’ve been trying to preserve, sort of. I still have a collection, but not as big as before. Here’s my top five favorite feminine, luxury, grown & sexy perfume.

Ed Hardy Perfume

As I mentioned before Ed Hardy was the first real perfume I’ve ever owned and so it’s no surprise it’s my favorite perfume of many. It has a sweet aroma to it and it just makes me feel so feminine, grown & sexy whenever I wear it. It’s also one of my husband favorite scents and every time I where it he’s always amazed at how good it smells. I think Ed Hardy is every woman’s favorite perfume, because nowadays it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Every place I checked online doesn’t have it or is sold out. Surprisingly my husband was able to find it and it was one of my Christmas presents last year. If you love very light and sweet, but classy scented perfume, then Ed Hardy is a great choice and it lasts you a great deal depending on how much you use it.

Flora by Gucci

Honestly I have no words to describe how well Flora by Gucci smells. It literally takes my breath away. It smells absolutely amazing! I’ve had this perfume for over 7 years and I am now down to the very last drop. The scent is everlasting and it just screams luxury, feminine, grown and sexy perfume! If someone was to smell this on you they would know for sure it’s a perfume made to make a statement. If I had to describe Flora by Gucci as a person, it’s bold, exotic, sexy, and smells amazing! Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

Viva La Juicy Couture

The Juicy Couture is another original perfume I’ve had for many years, I actually just got a new bottle for Christmas as well. The bottle itself is luxury and feminine. I love how they put a lot of effort into the packaging alone. The scent is a mix of sweet and strong, but not to strong if you all catch my drift. It’s one of those perfumes you can where everyday. It’s airy, sweet, and divine scent will make any woman feel sexy and empowered. I try not to get to heavy handed with this one because it’s one to keep around(as you all can tell I’ve had it for years) and I’m now on my 2nd or 3rd bottle.

Alien Perfume

The name not so appealing, I mean I don’t think anyone would go for a perfume named “Alien” 👽 lol! However, despite the name this perfume smells amazing. It’s definitely one of those perfumes that makes you feel like a grown woman. I’ve had this perfume for over 7 years and I have maybe about 25% of it left. The scent is breathtaking, it’s not sweet, but
It’s also not strong it’s like the perfect scent for someone wanting to transition from light and airy scents to more sexy and grown woman scents. If my husband was take me out on a date to a fancy restaurant where the vibe is relaxed, this perfume would definitely be my first option. It’s made for special events like going to a high end expensive restaurant, LOL!

Versace Crystal Bright Perfume

I’m a little embarrassed to admit I literally have a few drops of this perfume left. My husband purchased it as a gift for Christmas 2020 and let’s just say I got a little to Versace happy and was spraying it almost everyday. It just smells so good! I was pleasantly surprised that I fell in love with this perfume because I always assumed Versace perfumes where very strong and I wouldn’t like it. However, this perfume has a very light, sweet, and delicate aroma. It’s a staple perfume to have in your collection. It’s more on the sweeter side but not to sweet. If I had to give it a age based off the scent, I’d say this was a 25-30 year old woman’s scent of choice. It’s definitely mines and I am 27 🙂 I’ll surely be investing, well my Husband will be buying me another bottle soon.

 In Conclusion

If you all haven’t guessed by now I absolutely love perfume and have become quite obsessed with having a collection of it, but blame my husband. He’s actually the one that has purchased every single perfume (real perfume) I’ve ever owned. I have a ton of other perfume, but I wanted to keep this blog short and sweet so l listed my current favorite perfumes right now. If your obsessed with smelling good like I am be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what perfumes are your favorite and I just might make my husband go out and buy it for me, LOL!
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