20 Simple Ways To Maximize Productivity As A SAHM In Quarantine

Let’s face it, who has time to do anything when you’re a SAHM. I’ve been a SAHM officially for five years now and honestly, time hasn’t been on my side since. It doesn’t help either that I gave birth to my fourth child four months ago. If we’re being honest I have been struggling for a while now with keeping my house in order while also trying to maintain my sanity. Being a SAHM to four children is not easy it’s just about the hardest challenge I’ve taken on. It also doesn’t help that I don’t get to be as productive as I would like but isn’t that the beauty of #momlife. However, if you’re like me and you can’t sit on the couch for too long watching your kid’s favorite cartoons over and over, then I have twenty ways to maximize productivity while being quarantined.


 Wake Up Early

“Lose an hour in the morning and you will be all day hunting for it” 

Mornings are an important part of the day for every mom (working/SAHM.) When I began taking my mornings back for myself, I felt so much more peaceful, energized, and content. I was able to get at least two tasks done before waking the children up. My household also felt less chaotic and more functional. As SAHM’s we always have to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally for the day, we may have. The only way to do that is to wake up before our household and take in all the peace & quiet we can. Mornings are also a great way to spend alone time with God. I use my mornings to pray, express gratitude in my journal, and utilize the Bible app( read the verse of the day/devotional’s.) So wake up early, grab that cup of coffee or tea you’ve been missing and enjoy your breakfast, finally, by yourself.

Create A To-Do List  

Yes, To-Do lists are still a thing, quite frankly I’ve been taking them for granted. As mothers, we think we have the memory of Albert Einstein, and truth be told we don’t. Writing down every task you need to get done, saves you time and a shit load of headaches you might get from trying to do too many things at once. Create a To-Do List every day and watch how much smoother each day gets.

Set A Schedule 

Creating a schedule was something I’ve always dreaded. I thought it was unrealistic to get kids on a schedule. I was a SAHM to three children with different personalities and all different ages. I was already having a hard time trying to get them all to wake up at the same time and eat at the same time. If I put them on a schedule, I just kept thinking, “my head was going to explode” from getting them all to do the same thing at once (LOL)! Moreover, after realizing how dysfunctional it was without a schedule I quickly reset my mindset and started implementing a schedule. It has changed my life and I certainly get more done in one day than I did before. Take it from someone who used to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Creating a set schedule works. You’ll get more done in one day and you’ll start to feel more relaxed and accomplished. Don’t let this quarantine fool you, kids still need structure, and moms you also still need your sanity, LOL!

15 Minute At-Home Workout

If you’re wondering if I am one of those fit moms, then boy I am about to prove you wrong. Exercising was the last thing on my mind, especially as a breastfeeding mom. I was constantly stuffing my face to make up for those lost calories from breastfeeding. I also convinced myself that I didn’t have time to work out because of #momlife. Exercising, however, is a wonderful way to keep you out of the cookie jar. Of course, you don’t have to work out every day, but at least three times a week for a minimum of 15 minutes should suffice.

Declutter Spaces In Your Home 

Cleaning can be both therapeutic and calming. Don’t just pass by that cluttered junk jar in your kitchen that you’ve been dreading to clean. Start decluttering it and maybe you’ll find those pesky house keys your husband has been looking for the 50th million times.

Organize A Space In Your Home

More cleaning you say, yes, but this one is more fun. Well, not really, but organization is key to a functional home. Your days of looking for this or that will come to an end once you start organizing spaces in your home. It also saves you a ton of space that you’ve complained about at least 20 times of not having.

Have Some Me Time

Self Care is an important part of being a mother or rather a woman in general. So many of us mothers skip over self-care because let’s face it, #momlife takes up 95% of our time. However, the more we skip over me time, the harder it becomes to function as a normal human being. I know more than anyone how impossible it seems to get me time, but I need it and you moms need it to. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour, one day, two days, a week….(inserts laughing emoji)  just make sure to take some time for yourself. So get up and enjoy that warm bath or that nice cup of whine you’ve been dreading.

Create Goals For Yourself 

We all know having goals and a plan to achieve them is important in terms of success. However, it’s also good to take some time to write down some mommy goals. Motherhood isn’t about perfection, but it does require understanding. I’ve created a mommy goals list myself & it feels good, to be honest with myself about the things I need to improve on as a mom. I want you moms to try it, write down some mommy goals, and make a plan to execute those goals.

Read A Book


We’ve all heard the saying, “knowledge is key.” Well, it certainly is and we will never be too old to read a book and expand our knowledge. I know reading is the last thing on your mind, but reading a book can be more beneficial than you’ll ever know. Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed reading. I didn’t necessarily read self-help books or LOA books, etc, but the books I did read kept my eyes glued to each page.  I’ll admit, I haven’t read a book in a while, well unless you want to count reading to my kids. We all are in the digital stages of our lives and now have access to ebooks so I am sure you moms can find a good “free” book to read.

Offer To Help Someone With A Project/Task

I know what you might be thinking. How could you possibly find time to help someone with something when you barely have time to brush your teeth in the morning. However, there is more than one way to help someone without actively moving. Simply offering someone advice via the telephone, Zoom, or social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) would suffice. Don’t be afraid to offer your services whatever it may be, to someone because you never know how your help can benefit that person.  It’s also more beneficial for you because you can turn that hobby into a job while at home.  Honestly, now that we are quarantined, it’s the perfect time to utilize/turn your skill (whatever it may be) into an at-home job.

Learn A New Skill/Business Strategy

Yes, mothers have areas that need a little work/improvement. We might have this #motherhood thing down packed, but there are still other skills we could improve on. Especially if you have a business or want to create one, then you definitely should be working on a new skill or business strategy. More and more people are starting their businesses or learning new skills because of quarantine. If you moms have been putting off starting a business at home or learning a new skill, then now it’s time to face the music. People are also utilizing online shopping more and more, so if you want to sell clothes, accessories, hair products, etc then start promoting and advertising what you got. I like saying: “Out with the old in with the new, don’t let motherhood screw you.” 

Rest When You Need To

It’s okay to take a break. As mothers, especially, it’s extremely important to get rest. I know most of us have been sleep deprived, well, since having children, but whenever you feel you need to rest don’t hesitate to do it. Those overflow of dirty dishes will still be there for you to clean when you wake up. So grab a soft pillow and rest your soul. 

Eat A Well Balanced Meal

If you’re always feeling sluggish or like someone drained the energy out of you. Then I suggest taking a close look at what you’re eating. I know how hard it can be to put that ice cream sandwich down or that lovely Snickers bar you’ve been hiding from your spouse/ children. Sometimes, however, we need to choose healthier options because let’s face it candy, chips, ice cream, or your favorite fast-food. They all make you lazy. It’s okay to snack every now and then, but when you’re trying to be productive you need energy. The best way to fill your body up with energy is to eat a well-balanced meal. I know moms, trust me I know it hasn’t been easy trying to eat clean because all you can do is eat while quarantined LOL! I am far from the healthiest person, but I at least try to have a well-balanced breakfast and then a snack  Face with Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 13.3

Keep Yourself Hydrated (Drink Your Water)

 Yes, that gallon of water you’ve been putting off it’s finally time to finish it off. Drinking water is not only important for your health, but it does help in keeping you active. I don’t personally drink a whole gallon of water a day, but at the very least I drink half.  It has kept me alive, wink-wink. So grab your bottle of water and drink up!

Create Fun Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids

Sometimes the best way to enjoy #momlife is to do something fun for you and your children. Since I am not big on buying coloring books and a box of crayons every time they decide to rip all the pages up; and you guessed it break every single crayon… I started getting more creative by doing some arts and crafts. I buy a $1.00 pack of paper and some $1.00 paint, and we all become artists and create some fine art. It is quite fun because in the moment of painting you start to think that you can become an Albert DaVinci. If you don’t mind getting a little messy, then try it. Even though I am sure every mom has done arts and crafts before.

Don’t OverCompensate

 If you have over ten things to do in one day, then I am here to tell you: slow down, breathe, and relax. You are not a super mom and if you are can I have the secret formula to how you became one. I know having a lot on your plate keeps you busy, but it can also cause you to get overwhelmed. Don’t be like Superman and try to save the whole world or be in two different countries faster than the speed of light. Slow down, take a deep, breath, and only commit yourself to do at least five tasks a day. I don’t try to go over 5 tasks in one day because I am still on mother duty and I still have a lot more to live for. Get what you need to get done for the day, but don’t take on extra if you don’t have the energy nor time.

In Conclusion 

 It’s important to remember we were women before mothers so it’s perfectly fine to chill and relax. Motherhood doesn’t always have to involve being productive. It’s okay to have a day or two, just to replenish and refuel. I mean I can’t imagine not taking breaks and relaxing because if I didn’t I am sure I would have fallen on my ass one too many times. After all, the best part about motherhood is enjoying those special bonding moments with your children. Be the best mom you can be and if there’s something you can’t do don’t beat yourself up about it.

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