When it comes to writing or talking about myself, I always find it hard to do. I get stuck between saying too much or saying too little. It’s a mystery that I have yet to crack. However, since this is my story I am the only one who can tell it. Writing has been my passion since college. Ironically I always hated it back in high school because of how hard I thought it was. My passion or, so I thought was to become a Registered Nurse. It wasn’t until I become a mother for the first time when I realized my true passion was writing. I created my first blog in 2015 after having my daughter and from there I’ve been writing ever since. I didn’t, however, begin taking my writing seriously until 2019. By that time I was working on my fourth or fifth blog. I was very inconsistent due to my own lack of motivation and fear of failing. However, I never gave up the thought of creating an outlet for me to share everything I loved to write about. July 19, 2019,/.. is when BriaAlbertCo was born. BriaAlbertCo is my brand and represents me and my presence on social media. My blog represents my #momlife and #life in general. This is my way of sharing my struggles, downfalls, success, and much more.


I didn’t grow up with a passion for writing.

It’s true, I always hated writing since high school. It wasn’t until college when begin to love writing. I had two amazing writing professors that showed me how much potential my writing had.

I’ve created over eight blogs over the course of five years.

I have to laugh when I tell people this, but it’s true. I started blogging in 2015 and I would start, stop, then start again until now.

I haven’t cooked in 10 years.

Haha! No I am not kidding. The first meal I made my husband was some salty eggs & ever since that day I haven’t cooked for him since we’ve been together. **Also I’m not a great cook at all.**

I love eating chips.

Chips is my favorite snack. In fact I eat chips just about everyday. I don’t actually have a favorite chip though because I love so many.

All of my pregnancies were unplanned.

Talk about TMI, lol, but it’s true. I didn’t wake up one day and say I wanted to be a mom. It just, you know happened.