Two Simple & Straightforward Steps to Create A Realistic Vision Board for 2022

Digital vision boards have become popular over the last few years and most people, like myself, find it easier and more convenient then traditional vision boards. Since finding out about digital vision boards or vision boards in general, I’ve taken the initiative to create one for the last 3 or so years. It’s super easy, convenient, and doesn’t cost you a thing, but time! So here’s my 2 simple step version on how to create a digital vision board. 

Download Photos from Google

 If you know anything about vision boards then you know it’s all about what you visualize for your life and pictures can speak a 1000 words depending on who’s looking at it. The easiest way to find inspirational photos is to use Google search. Google has millions of photos to search from to help bring your vision to life. It doesn’t matter what photos you use either. Vision boards are for you and your accomplishments so have fun and gather as many creative and eye catching photos for your board. **A tip, figure out what you want to accomplish in 2022 (say buy a car) and based off that one accomplishment use a photo(s) to represent that goal.** Keep in mind you don’t want to over complicate things. Vision boards are suppose to consist of realistic images of goals that are attainable for you. You don’t want to ask for things that aren’t achievable for where you are now in your life. Use images that make sense and aligns with exactly what you want. 

Download Phonto App 

Once you’ve gathered all your photos the next step is to download the app phonto or you can use Canva mobile app or website. I prefer phonto because it’s easy to navigate and I can complete my vision board in no time. To keep this step short and sweet, I’ve attached a video showing you how to use the phonto app to create your digital Vision board. 



Just Like That Your Done!

That’s It! Once you’ve completed your vision board next is to use it as your phones screen saver or you can even print it out and hang it on the wall. See how easy that was! Now your a novice digital vision board creator! 

Do you want to see what’s my goals for 2022? Check out the video below on my digital vision board!


My Vison Board for 2022


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