My Five Baby Must-Haves

Day 15 #30 Days of Writing Challenge 

As a mom of three and one on the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that babies don’t need everything. It’s so easy to walk down the baby aisle and get “wowed” and want to buy everything.  I learned the hard way, when I was pregnant with my first child. My spouse and I bought a ton of items that needless to say our daughter didn’t even need. Once we had our second child, we knew for sure what we needed to buy. I’ve narrowed down my list of five baby must haves that I know for sure this baby will need. All five of these items I have bought with all of my children and they all were used. I think it’s important to buy smart and stay within a budget because babies do grow so most items they probably won’t even have the chance to use. 

Pack N Play

If you haven’t heard, well now you know Pack N Plays are the new baby cribs. Okay, not really, but in my household it is. I have used a Pack N Play with all three of my babies and they all worked like a charm. When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought cribs were way too expensive and I rather pay $300-$500 for multiple things instead of one. A quick Google search and I came across Pack N Plays. They have a ton of different options and they were well within our price range. I also love how it comes with a bassinet that’s perfect for a newborn. I’ve always gone with the Graco brand and I haven’t been disappointed yet. My kids absolutely loved their Pack N Plays.  My first born Harper couldn’t fall asleep without being in her Pack N Play. I also loved how it  fits perfectly in the corner close to my bedside. Whenever the kids would wake up during the night for a bottle I just had to turn on my side, grab them and they were safe in my arms. As they got older though, they quickly learned how to climb out of their bed onto mines. When that began I let them cozy up in our bed until they fell asleep. Everything  worked out perfectly for our family. This is a staple in our household and it is a perfect baby must have item

Baby Carrier

If we’re being honest my spouse did most of the baby carrying. I rarely if at all used a baby carrier with either of my babies. However, it really is a must have for our household. My children weren’t crybabies, so to speak so I never really had to baby wear them. I used or rather my spouse used the baby carrier when we would have outings with the kids. It also is a lifesaver when you go grocery shopping with more than one child. I also love how you can do some light housework while using this product as well. The best part is all three of my babies loved being in it. They never fused or cried whenever we would put them in there. It also gives you three ways to wear it and it’s extremely affordable. I’ve only had to buy two, but each time I brought it the price was the same and the quality was A+. Hopefully with the new baby I’ll get to use it more often, but I probably won’t. 


Ahhh! The horror of blankets. I am not sure when or in fact how all three of my babies became addicted to their blankets but they are. I mean they cannot and I mean cannot live without their blankets. If they wake up in the middle of the night and their blankets are not in sight, let’s just say I abruptly woken out of my sleep to loud and uncontrollable crying. When my first born Harper was a baby I thought it was the cutest thing how she loved her blanket so much. Everytime I washed it and handed it to her, she would grab it and smell it. It was as if she was making sure it was the right blanket. Fast forward to today at 5 years old it has become quite annoying. All day from morning to night, all three of my kids just drag their blankets with them wherever they go. They go everywhere with those blankets. I have to constantly let them know that blankets don’t belong in certain places. I don’t mind them having an attachment to their blankets, but it can just become too much at times. However, despite my kids undying love and affection for their blankets, I do think it’s important for babies to have one. I brought my children at least three blankets a piece and they all ended up sticking with one as their favorite. Blankets are also really affordable and you can grab a few from multiple stores. I like to buy mine from Ross because they have some really quality blankets that hold up even till this day. I am sure blankets are on every moms to buy list, but I just thought I stress how important it is to buy one for the baby. 

Baby First Aid Kit

A baby First Aid Kit? Yes I actually think there’s such a thing, but I have my own in mind. I call it a Baby First Aid Kit because it has products in there that you wouldn’t use on a daily basis. My idea of a Baby First Aid Kit includes:

Baby Gas Drops


Diaper Rash Ointment 


Nose Frida

I have used all of these products with my children and they all work like a charm. The best part is they last you a good while(depending on how much you use it) and they don’t require you to break the bank. The top product, however, that I had to constantly re up on was the Gas Drops. O man my babies ran threw those drops like an addict runs through a box of cigarettes, *SMH.* I think their uncontrollable upset stomachs were due to my love of food, Haha. I never could quite figure out what food was causing their little tummies to hurt, but whichever food it was it didn’t agree with my babies. They were all breastfeed so it made perfect sense why they would have tummy aches. However, I would give them the Gas Drops at least three times a day and it ease the pain each time. I knew it worked it’s magic each time because my babies would have these long farts followed by a poop explosion! Let’s just say I had my hands full cleaning their little bums. All of these items are super important to have though especially the thermometer.

 I have to say I am so glad I had a thermometer on hand because my son had a high fever at just three weeks old and if I hadn’t had a thermometer on hand I don’t  know what would have happened to my precious baby. We were able to get him to the hospital and after fives days of being there we learned he had a uti. I was just glad that it wasn’t something more serious because my poor baby had already endured so much pain from all those tests and needles. 

The diaper cream is also important to have because babies take so many poops and sometimes all those poops and wiping with wet wipes can cause a rash. I was really concerned when my daughter Bailey had her first diaper rash because it was red and had open sores. I phoned her doctor with the quickness and was told it’s normal and just use the diaper cream and don’t use wipes while she has the rash. I was once again glad it wasn’t something serious, but I also felt really bad because my poor baby was in a lot of pain. She was fine though once I was done changing her, and O she’s a happy and active 1 year to date. 

The Nose Frida is definitely a must have. I’ve used it with all three of my babies and it is a life saver. My poor baby was suffering from congestion and the Nose Frida helped a ton to get rid of all the snot in their little noses. When I first found out about this product I was not convinced that snot wouldn’t get in my mouth. However, being a mom requires sacrifices so I went ahead and brought it and it didn’t disappoint. It also last you a very long time and *bonus* It comes with saline drops which also helps with congestion. 

You are probably wondering why I don’t have certain items on my list like a car seat, but this list is for moms that tend to overbuy. Of course, a car seat is a must-have, but these things on my list are items that you can actually splurge on and not feel guilty about it later. I have used each of these items with all my children and they never disappointed me. 


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