How To Be A Happier You

Day 11 #30 Days of Writing Challenge 

Because Am Happpyyy

If you don’t recognize what song those lyrics come from, then your obviously not happy, LOL! Being happy is a choice and we all should choose to be happy each and every day. Why? Because there’s so much to be happy and grateful for. If you are still breathing I’d say you should be jumping for joy because of that. I get it sometimes you don’t see the joy and things and that’s okay. Having a bad day or a bad attitude doesn’t make you less of a human being. If I had to count how many times I’ve had a bad day, I’ll be counting into a new year. Sometimes we have to stop beating ourselves up about small things, like having a bad day and start appreciating both the good and bad times. When you start appreciating the bad times, you begin to see there’s a reason to be happy even during those times. If you want to live a more happier and peaceful life, then you have to start by being happy. Recently I’ve learned to adapt these three simple tasks into my daily routines that help me sustain a positive attitude each day. That is 

  • Show Gratitude Everyday 
  • Adapt More Positive Thoughts
  • Focus on Things That Makes You Happy

“The Struggle Ends When The Gratitude Begins.”

Every day we wake up the first thing we should be doing is thanking God for yet another day. It’s so easy to get so caught up in the day ahead of us that we forget to be thankful for being alive. I know first hand what it’s like waking up and the first thing on my mind is how exhausted I feel. I would be so over with the day before it even begins. Apart of me knew what I was doing was selfish, but I was blinded by my own misery. I couldn’t see the good in anything let alone living because my life was not the life I wanted to live. I was madder at myself for getting to this point in my life, but I was also mad at the world and they made me unappreciative of having another chance at life. I was really in a bad place in my life, but I didn’t want to stay there forever.  I knew if I wanted to change my circumstances, then I needed to change my attitude. Having a negative attitude leads to negative thoughts and eventually earns you an unhappy life. If I could go back four years ago and give thanks for waking up each and every day I would, but now is not the time to dwell on the past. As you move forward in 2020, be sure to show gratitude each and every day. My biggest downfall was not seeing the beauty in everything that was in my life. I had so much to be grateful for and you do too. Start by giving thanks for the small things( warm water, two hands, tow feet, nice smile,etc.) Actually it doesn’t matter what you give thanks for, what matters is your doing it. The more gratitude you show the more you open yourself up for more good things to manifest into your life. Don’t underestimate the power of gratefulness, it truly is an amazing way to be a happier you.    

“Your Thoughts Become Things”

I stand strong by this quote because there have been multiple times where my negative thoughts manifested into my reality. We like to believe that “Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.” However, that’s not at all true. The reason why so many bad situations or circumstances keep happening to us “good people,” is because of our thoughts. Just take a moment to think about a time were you had negative thoughts about a situation like(getting a promotion at your job). After repeatedly telling yourself “I’m not going to get the promotion,” did you actually get the promotion? See when we let our fear and doubts control our thoughts and actions we begin to believe those fear and doubts and eventually they become true because we believe them. When you are trying to change your circumstances you have to start by feeding your mind positive thoughts. When your constantly vibrating on a positive level you begin to create more positive outcomes. I once was that girl that found something negative in everything. I was constantly feeding myself with negative thoughts and it showed. The easiest way to shift your mindset is to stop focusing on the negative and begin focusing on the positive. Whenever you feel a negative thought about to form in your mind, quickly find something good in that negative thought. “Positive thoughts produce positive results.” Always choose to have a positive attitude.  

“If it doesn’t make you happy, then why are you doing it.”

The thing about life is that we have the power to make our own choices. We can choose to wake up each day and make our lives better or we can choose to let life pass us by. A lot of people don’t understand how much they have over their lives, so they settle. They settle for the minimum wage-paying job. They settle for the cheapest car. They settle for their unhappy life. I too was a settler and settling is never the answer. Apart of me choosing to settle was because I didn’t understand the power I had inside of myself to make my life better. We don’t have to have everything someone else has in order to change our circumstances. Everything we need is right inside of us. If you can make the choice to settle then why can’t you make the choice to do things that makes you happy? You don’t have to settle because there’s always something bigger and better in store for you. You just have to make the choice to do what makes you happy in order to open up more doors for yourself. Happiness is the key to success. You don’t become successful by staying the same. Stop settling for things that make you unhappy and start doing things that make you happy. Everything starts with you, you have full control of your life.  Stop settling and start tapping into the divine power you have inside of you to change your entire life.  

Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want to be happier then start by being happy. It truly is amazing what we can do when we choose happiness. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’ll be happy once this or that happens, but it won’t happen unless you change your attitude. Start by acknowledging the things your thinking about and doing to cause your unhappiness. Once you do that, you can then start by choosing more positive things to think about and do. Don’t let what you are going through now keeps you from choosing happiness because you won’t be in your current situation forever. Remember you have the power to change your circumstances and you have the power to be happy. Happiness gives you the life you want.


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